joi, 8 decembrie 2011

New iPhone 4 Unlocking Software Now Released Version 4.2.1

Our software is designed to unlock any iPhone worldwide, regardless of what country it is purchased from or SIM card you need, and for international consumers, there is no exchange rates to pay, so you can pay in your own currency to unlock any iPhone 4, and all the older models as well. 
offers lifetime free updates to your iPhone so you are never without an opening or prison break solution for your new iPhone for the rest of your life! 
Our solution supports absolutely all iPhone ever made, including the latest iPhone 4 
Some companies will charge you extra just because you have the latest model, although this is not our policy as the solution is exactly the same regardless of what the iPhone unit you have. 
The iPhone can be unlocked from any place, anywhere in the world, and it works with all GSM networks in any country. 
Here are some common questions to our support staff: 
What iPhone firmwares supported? 
Our newest version includes an unlock all iPhones running Apple’s latest 4.2.1 firmware. 
“My iPhone was already unlocked, but I upgraded the firmware and now it’s gone, can you help?” 
Yes we can. This was a problem for many of our new customers, but after using us as their lock provider they never have to worry about it again. 
What if I can not get it to work? 
Not to worry, our support team is very knowledgeable. Send us a quick email describing your problem. As promised, if we can not manage to solve the problem and unlock your iPhone, you will get a full refund. 
Do I need to know about unlocking and jail break already? 
No, our solution designed with the everyday iPhone user in mind. All our solutions are extremely user friendly. 
What happens after I pay? 
After paying through our secure payment process, you will receive a thank you email right away with all the information needed to access your unlock. If you do not receive your email within 5 minutes, the most common reason is because our automatic e-mail went to your Junk / Spam folder. This is an issue that we work with Hotmail and Yahoo at the moment. In the meantime, just be sure to check your Spam / Junk folders first. 
Can this damage my iPhone? 
It is impossible to break any iPhone with software alone, because all iPhones have a built-in recovery mode. Just keep calm and follow the instructions in our guide. Again, you should run into any other problems, our support team will be happy to assist you. 
Will all my personal data, Apps and music be erased? 
No, our solution does not change any of your personal files on your iPhone, all images, contacts, videos, text messages, etc. will all still be there.

Did I lose functionality? 
Absolutely not. After jailbreaking and unlocking, you can use your iPhone just as it was before, with extra features unlocked. 
What happens when Apple releases a new firmware? 
When you buy from, you do not just buy a product. You buy a service for life. Every time Apple releases a new firmware update, we send an automatic email to all our customers, reminding them not to upgrade until we have released an updated version of the lock. This process usually takes about 48 hours and then it’s safe to update.

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  1. Great. So iPhone users would be going with this latest version for unlocking their iPhone.